First Serve Bridgeport combines academic tutoring, mentoring, on-court instruction and competitive play. Our kids gain exposure to positive adult role models and opportunities for higher education.

Our goal for our kids is to compete on their high school varsity tennis teams, perform academically and be assets to their communities.

Bridgeport is Connecticut's largest city, and it’s been estimated that an incredible 37.6% of the children in Bridgeport live in poverty. Roughly two-thirds of Bridgeport children live at less than double the federal poverty level, considered by many to be the minimum to meet basic family needs in this area. Bridgeport kids also grow up in an environment of pervasive crime, violence and drugs.

First Serve Bridgeport and our partner programs deliver high quality academic tutoring in math, science, reading and writing, plus mentoring, books and computers, all in a safe and productive environment. 

We've also partnered with Bridgeport's high school varsity tennis teams. We provide outdoor and indoor coaching to over 50 student athletes. 

With our lean staff, volunteers and efficient alliances, we believe we’ve squeezed a lot of effective programming out of every dollar. Your support makes it all happen. Together, we’re making a difference!